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Remote Control Electronic Surveillance System for Poker Cheat

Remote control electronic surveillance system is a great choice for those who want to make a profit in Baccarat poker by using some cheating devices. It consists of seven parts: a cheating poker shoe, a monitor, a wireless sender, two remote controllers, a wireless receiver, barcode marked cards and an earpiece.

There seems nothing special about the cheating poker shoe in appearance, but actually we’ve installed a poker camera and a poker hider inside it, both of which are very concealable and pretty difficult to be discovered even by those who check the poker shoe carefully.

The poker camera is capable of quickly and accurately scanning barcode marked cards, then presenting the cards’ barcodes clearly on the monitor screen through the transmitter. The barcodes shown on the screen are special for the combination of their position and length determines what points they represent. According to such barcodes, your cheating partner in the backstage can figure out what each card is and report the information to you through the earpiece. If the card-to-be-dealt can make a better poker hand for you, you can just deal it. But if not, you just need to press the button on one of the controllers and then the poker hider inside the poker shoe will hide the card. 

If you are interested in this remote control electronic surveillance system , please don’t hesitate to contact us!