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Removable Shirt Button Camera for Poker Analyzer System

Stock No: EYEA

Quantity: Enough

Weight: 250g

Product Details

Scanning camera is an indispensable part for a poker analyzer system , whose rest parts also include a poker analyzer ( not all-in-one set ) , barcode marked cards and an earpiece.

Scaanning camera usually disguises itself as a daily item like watch, lighter, leather belt, car key and such to avoid attracting attention and arousing suspicion from other gamblers. Here we are introducing you to our removable shirt button camera for poker analyzer system.

This camera is different from many normal cheating cameras. You don’t need to put barcode marked cards flat on the table for it to scan. Whether you put the cards on the table or hold them in your hands, it always can scan the barcodes easily, quickly and accurately at any angle. In order for the camera to work, you need to keep it within 33-50cm. Its scanning width is about 26cm and scanning height is about 24cm.  The camera has the advantage of low power consumption.

Since the shirt button camera is removable, it not only can be fixed in front of your chest, but also can be fixed at the cuff. The camera fixed inside the shirt button is completely concealable and it won’t be discovered by other players.

If you are interested in our removable shirt button camera, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We have confidence that this scanning camera for poker analyzer system will not let you down!