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Single Operation Casino Poker Shoe for Baccarat Cheat

For casino owners who want to win money in Baccarat poker with the help of some cheating devices, we usually recommend our cheating poker shoes to them.

Our cheating poker shoes are available in different types and the single operation poker shoe is one of them.

The single operation poker shoe that can be used for Baccarat cheat is specially processed from an ordinary transparent poker shoe, which can be commonly seen in casinos. It allows you to see what the first card is from a certain angle. If you want this card, you can just deal it. But if not, you can deal the next one.

Such a cheating poker shoe looks very normal and nobody even those who check the poker shoe carefully can not discover its special part

You can use regular playing cards ( no need to use marked playing cards ) to play Baccarat poker while cheating.

The poker dealer alone can perform the cheating acts while dealing cards in Baccarat game without the assistance from other partners.

All of our cheating poker shoes are all exquisite in workmanship and good in quality, and the single operation poker shoe makes no exceptions . If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us!