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Small Handbag Poker Marking Reader

Many common items that we have turned into poker marking readers usually have one or two poker cameras hidden inside them, but that’s not the case for our small handbag poker marking reader.

We have installed our fashionable leather small handbag with three poker cameras to scan edge marked cards: one camera has short scanning distance, while the other two cameras have long scanning distance. There are three ways to use the poker cameras and you can choose the usage mode you want by using a dedicated remote control. If the three poker cameras work together, the whole scanning range will be pretty wide.

The poker cameras can play a great role in the poker cheating process by first reading poker edge markings, then collecting the cards’ information accurately and last transferring the collected data to your poker predictor immediately, which can be PK King, CVK or AKK series. Your poker predictor will greatly reduce your odds of losing money by telling you who will be the biggest poker winner in advance. 

In order for the poker cameras to work efficiently, you should keep the small handbag 20 to 40cm from edge marked cards.

Our small handbag poker marking reader can be used as part of poker predicting system for poker cheat in such poker games as Omaha, Texas holdem, Flush, Andar Bahar and so on. If you are interested in it, please don’t hesitate to contact us!