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Smoke Detector Camera for Poker Monitoring System

Our company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of cheating devices for all forms of gambling, including poker games, Mahjong games, dice games and Domino games. Our cheating products can be used for gambling tricks, private games, entertainment and self defend while playing these games.

Scanning camera is one of our main cheating products. We usually disguise a scanning camera as a daily item to avoid attracting attention and arousing suspicion from other poker players, such as a car key, a lighter, a leather belt, a power bank and the like. Here in this article, we will introduce you to our smoke detector camera for poker monitoring system. The whole system also includes a TV displayer, transmitters and an earphone.

The detector’s function is to scan back marked cards, then the results of scanning will be sent through the transmitters and shown on the TV screen. Remember to get a working partner involved in the cheating process so that he can tell you what he has seen on the screen through the earphone. In this case, you can play the following part of the game accordingly and cautiously.

Smoke detector is such a common thing that it can be fixed in small casino games and private room games without attracting much attention or suspicion. Please note: the smoke detector should be placed about 2-3 meters away from back marked cards and its camera lens is one to one, making other camera lenses unable to scan those back marked cards. You can choose to use battery or AC power for the smoke detector.

Our company has been in this line for many years, always applying the latest and the most advanced technology to the procedure of making our cheating products. We have customers from all over the world and their feedback about our products are quite good because of the reasonable price, high-quality products and the good service. So, if you are looking for some cheating devices for poker games, why not have a try with our products? We have confidence that none of them will let you down. Please feel free to contact us if you have an interest in our new smoke detector camera or other cheating products.