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Sunglasses for IR/UV/Luminous Back Marked Cards

There are many different poker cheating devices available from our company, including marked decks, poker scanners, poker analyzers, poker shoes, poker shufflers and so on. This article is mainly about our sunglasses, intended for back marked cards.

We can process regular sunglasses into perspective sunglasses for IR back marked cards, UV back marked cards and luminous back marked cards.

The back marked cards we make to work with our sunglasses have enjoyed a good reputation for their superior quality. We apply the most advanced technology and equipment to process various kinds of regular playing cards into back marked cards, such as Aviator Pinochle, Bee No.92, Bicycle 808, KEM Arrow, Copag 1546, Fournier 2818, Modiano Acetate, Da Vinci Route and so on. In spite of the printed marks, there is nearly no chromatic aberration between our back marked cards and their original playing cards.

Our sunglasses are made of plastic with special material. They are either in fashionable or classic style, suitable for both man and women.

Wearing our sunglasses to play poker, you will look pretty cool and have no need to worry about the micro-expression in your eyes revealing your psychological states.

Our sunglasses are available in different colors, including red, blue, brown etc.. What’s more, you can send your own sunglasses to us so that we can process them for back marked cards.