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Texas holdem K20 poker soothsayer

K20 poker soothsayer is very powerful cheating device for gambling Texas holdem poker games. If you have one kind of poker cheat devices, you would win a lot of money in an easier way.

K20 poker soothsayer is a cell phone so that it is hard to cause the attention of other poker players. We have set a software inside and then you can use it to cheat at Texas holdem. This kind of poker soothsayer needs to work with a scanning camera lens, a deck of barcode marked cards, a mini earphone and a remote controller. Before cheating at Texas holdem, the user needs to set the Texas holdem game program, and then wear the earphone. You need to put the camera on the poker table and poker analyzer inside your pocket. Finally, the user can know the poker game result quickly, such as the biggest winner, the first winner and the second winner, the rank of each poker players.

K20 poker soothsayer is the best for cheating Texas holdem poker games. Our company sells the useful and safe poker cheat device for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us any time.