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Texas table camera lens for poker analyzer

Stock No: EYEA

Quantity: Enough

Weight: 250g

Product Details

It is known that, Texas table is used for Texas hold’em poker games. But the Texas table can also become a gambling tool. This kind of Texas table has camera lens, and the camera lens works with poker analyzer, players don’t need to put something on the table. And you can see nothing even a pin hole. The Texas table camera is suit for casino owner.

Texas table camera is HD camera lens. When you put the marked cards on the table, it would scan fast and send the signal to poker analyzer. The last time, you would hear the results by earphones.

Have the Texas table camera lens, and you can use battery or power for it. It can also use a long time. There is cooler filter near the camera, so if you use it long time, it doesn’t get hot.

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