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The Application of Contact Lenses in Poker Cheat

We can process common contact lenses into IR contact lenses, UV contact lenses or luminous contact lenses. Applying any of the three kinds of cheating contact lenses to poker cheat can help you win money in such poker games as Texas holdem, Omaha, Flush etc..

In order to work in poker cheat, our cheating contact lenses need to be used together with the corresponding back marked cards. IR, UV and luminous marks printed on card backs are invisible to human naked eyes. As long as you wear our cheating contact lenses, you clearly see the  corresponding marks.

Our cheating contact lenses come in different colors. We can provide you with the suitable contact lenses that won’t change your eye color no matter what color your eyes are.

Our cheating contact lenses, with water content of 42%, are made of high-quality HEMA. Their base curve is 8.6mm, center thickness is 0.04mm and center diameter is 4, 7 or 9mm ( 4 mm for just covering the pupil, while 7mm and 9mm for covering the iris ). They are comfortable to wear and harmless to human eyes.

If you are in interested in applying our cheating contact lenses to poker cheat, please don’t hesitate to contact us!