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USB Cable Poker Camera for Barcode Marked Cards

A USB cable is usually used to connect a cellphone with a power bank for battery charging. In addition to that, is there any other purpose do you think it can be used for?

The USB cables available from our company can be used to help you cheat in poker games!

We can turn USB cables of different sizes, including mini-sized ones, into a poker cheating device by installing them with a poker camera for barcode marked cards. If you want us to install our poker camera into your USB cable, please send it to us. You can rest assured that there is nothing special in appearance about the USB cables with a poker camera inside.

Normally, the scanning distance of the camera installed in our USB cables is 20 to 40 centimeters, but if you prefer to customize the scanning distance according to your own needs, we can satisfy your demand as well.

Our USB cable poker camera can play a great role in poker cheat by scanning barcode marked cards and then transferring the collected data to your poker analyzer, no matter it’s PK King, CVK or AKK series. You can hear the poker results reported by your poker analyzer as soon as it finishes analyzing the data.

In addition to the one introduced above, we also can provide you with many other poker cameras for barcode marked cards, such as cell hone poker camera, power bank poker camera, car key poker camera, watch poker camera, chip tray poker camera, lighter poker camera, cigarette case poker camera, ashtray poker camera and so on. If you are interested in any one of them, welcome to contact us!