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UV Contact Lenses for UV Back Marked Cards

UV contact lenses sold by our company have been used by many poker players all over the world to cheat at poker games. Our company makes UV contact lenses for all kinds of UV back marked cards, such as Aviator Pinochle, Bee No.92, KEM Arrow, Copag 1546, Fournier 2818, Modiano Acetate, Da Vinci Neve and so on

Our UV back marked cards are made in two ways: one is printing a big mark representing the card point in the middle of the card back and the other is printing four small marks representing the card point in the four corners of the card back. Besides, the patterns of the marks can be designed according to your requirement.

Our UV contact lenses are made of high-quality HEMA, harml ess to human eyes and comfortable to wear. Human eye color varies with different regions. To meet different people’s requirements for the color of the UVcontact lenses, our company sells the UV contact lenses in different colors, such as black-eye contact lenses, gray-eye contact lenses, blue-eye contact lenses and green-eye contact lenses. Whatever your eye color is, there will be suitable contact lenses for you.

Our UV contact lenses are 4, 7 or 9mm in center diameter (4 mm for just covering the pupil, while 7mm and 9mm for covering the iris). Besides, the diameter of the UV contact lenses you need can also be customized according to your requirementS. So is the degree!

By working with any kind of our UV back marked cards, our UV contact lenses can help poker players cheat at many poker games like Texas Holdem, Omaha, Flush etc.. If you want to try this cheating method, welcome to approach us for these products!