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Wallet Cameras for Scanning Marked Cards

Our company usually fixes our poker camera in all kinds of daily items to avoid attracting attention or arousing suspicion from other people. As a result, we have car key camera, power bank camera, watch camera, lighter camera and the like. Here in this article, we are gonna introduce you to our man’s wallets which have been fixed with two scanning cameras inside.

Wallet is a usual item to hold money and also an ideal item to carry poker camera. The man’s wallets we sell are made of leather, falling into two types: one is long style and the other is short style. 

The two scanning cameras fixed in the wallets are totally concealable and other people won’t be able to discover their existence. They scan marked cards together, which can make the scanning range very wide. In order for the cameras to work, you need to put the wallets 20-40cm from the marked cards. You can put the wallet wherever is good for the cameras to scan the marked cards that have been shuffled already after taking out your money in it.

Most items usually carry one poker camera, while our man’s wallet has two fixed inside. In this case, these wallets are a better choice for a poker analyzer system. If you are interested in our such special man’s wallets, welcome to contact us!