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Wallet Playing Cards Switcher

We can turn a common wallet into two types of poker cheating devices: marked cards scanner and playing cards switcher. The former needs playing cards to be processed into marked cards, while the latter has no such requirement. If you are interested in the wallet playing cards switcher, please refer to the following parts:

product details:

> Styles: long style/short style

> Material: leather

> Color: black/brown

> Size: bridge size/poker size

operation instructions:

> before gambling: hide a playing card ( poker size or bridge size according to the switcher size ) in the wallet playing cards switcher

> while gambling: switch the hidden card with the unwanted one in your hand secretly if the former can make a better poker hand for you

Our wallet playing cards switcher looks very normal and there is nothing special in appearance about it. Since it’s pretty easy to handle, even if you have no experience with such a poker cheating device, you will be able to become good at using it after some practice. If you want to buy our wallet playing cards switcher, welcome to contact us!