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Watch Poker Scanning Camera

We have many different poker scanners for sale and we are here specially introducing our watch poker scanning camera to you.

1. What is watch poker scanning camera?

It’s a poker cheating device that has the functions of scanning edge marked cards, collecting all the cards’ information and transferring the collected data to a poker analyzer.

2. What is its scanning distance?

Generally speaking, we have two types of watch poker scanning cameras for sale: some are intended for poker dealers — they can scan edge marked cards caught in your hand, while others are intended for poker players — they need to be kept 20 to 40cm from the cards to work.

3. Where is the scanning camera hidden?

The scanning camera can be hidden in the watch strap, the watch edge or the watch dial — nobody will be able to discover its existence easily no matter where we install it.

4. What is the advantageof using it?

You can move the watch worn on your wrist secretly to make it convenient for the camera to scan edge marked cards.

5. What watch stylesdo you have?

Our watches are available in classic and fashion styles, both of which look very normal with the scanning camera being completely concealable.  

If you are interested in our watch poker scanning camera, please don’t hesitate to contact us!