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Where to Buy Cheating Dice

If you want to win money in dice gambling by using some sort of cheating dice but have no idea where to get them, we are here recommending you to try our cheating dice.

Our company can process common dice, no matter it’s transparent dice, bone dice or plastic dice, into three kinds of cheating dice: remote dice, induction dice and mercury dice.

We make remote dice by processing the two opposite sides of each normal dice, turning one side into positive pole and the other into negative pole. You can make all the positive sides or the negative sides face up on its base board by using a dedicated remote control. Its base board has been specially processed as well. It should be fixed under the table on which you gamble and still can work with the remote dice. The closer you toss the dice on its center, the better.

We make induction dice by fixing a microchip inside common dice. The microchip can send signals to a vibrator, even with a bowl covering over the dice. Before playing dice games, you need to put the vibrator in your pocket. When you guess odd or even, the vibrator will let you know what the result is by shaking or not shaking: if the result is odd, it will shake, but if not, it won’t shake.

We make mercury dice by adding a certain amount of mercury, the only liquid metal, into common dice. In spite of the mercury, such cheating dice still weigh nearly as much as the origianl dice. People can not tell the weight differences between the former and the latter with their hands. Our mercury dice can be used to cheat in dice gambling without any support from other tools like a controller or a vibrator. The mercury is movable, capable of moving to any side of the dice. For example, if you want to get 6 pips, you just need to make 1 pip face-down, then the mercury will move to the side of one. And under the action of gravity, the face of six will always face up. In other words, the mercury dice are just like tumblers for as long as their center of gravity is fixed, no matter how you spin them, only the fixed side(s) will face up.

If you are interested in any kind of our these cheating dice, welcome to contact us!