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Where to Buy Poker Analyzer

Poker analyzer is a type of gambling cheating devices widely used by poker players all over the world. If you want to buy a good poker analyzer, you should approach a seller you can trust for it. Our company, EYE Poker Cheat Center, is where you can find the latest poker analyzers, including the AKK series and the CVK series.

When it comes to the AKK poker analyzers, we have K4, K5 and A1 for your choice. The K4 poker analyzer features original S4 mobile phone appearance design with 5-inch full-view high-definition LCD screen.

The K5, the thinnest poker analyzer so far in the market., features original S6 mobile phone appearance design. The A1 features exquisite, elegant, trendy and attractive appearance design based on fashionable phone model. All of these AKK poker analyzers can scan barcode marked cards in a wide range and then report poker results quickly, accurately and stably no matter their screen faces up or down.

As for the CVK poker analyzers, CVK 500 is the latest and most popular one so far in the market. A high-definition image recognition software has been installed in the poker analyzer, which can improve the accuracy of image recognition, making it report poker results more quickly, accurately and stably. The CVK 500 has two original sound transmission functions, that is, the reporting sound can not only be transmitted through a traditional earpiece, but also through a one to one digital earpiece, newly developed for CVK poker analyzer.

In addition to being a gambling cheating device applicable to such poker games as Texas holdem, Baccarat and Omaha, these poker analyzers can also be used as a normal smart cellphone to make contacts with other people in daily life.

If you want to buy any of the poker analyzers mentioned above, welcome to contact us!