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Wholesale All Kinds of Congress Playing/Marked Cards

Congress playing cards have been a popular choice among serious card players since 1881. This brand fall into many different kinds like Congress Butterfly, Congress Marble, Congress Cardinal, Congress Rainbow Skies, Congress Tulips, Congress Sunflower,, Congress Seashell, Congress Flora, Congress Southern Charm, Congress Cabbage Roses and so on. Each Congress set includes two decks, nicely packaged in a sturdy plastic box or a durable cardboard box that features a velour-lined pull-out tray to protect the cards, and each Congress deck features the unique “Cel-U-Tone” finish of this brand.

As a producer of all kinds of gambling tools, our company not only can provide customers with any kind of Congress playing cards and but also can process the cards of each kind into marked cards ( back marked cards or edge marked cards ) for poker cheat. Back marked cards feature the marks which are printed in the middle or on the white board of the card back, indicating the suits and numbers; while side marked cards feature the marks which are printed along the edge of the cards, indicating the bar-codes. We can also make the marks according to your reasonable requirement.  You may rest assured that our Congress cards, both marked and unmarked, are in best quality.

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