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Wholesale Bee Playing/Marked Cards

Our company sells all brands of playing cards on a wholesale basis, such as Aviator playing cards, Bicycle playing cards, Copag playing cards, KEM playing cards, Fournier playing cards. And we can also process these playing cards into marked cards for poker cheat if necessary. Here in this article we talk about Bee playing/marked cards.

Bee playing cards have been manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company since 1892 ( hence the number “92” on the Ace of Spades ) and from then on they have been setting the standard for good quality. Bee playing cards are a casino card brand, whose current versions have a blue or red non-bordered diamond back. They are comparable to Bicycle playing cards, though the stock used to produce Bee playing cards is different. With their patented coating and unique finish, Bee playing cards last longer and give your games superior slip, snap and feel.

We have two ways of producing marked cards: one way is to print marks, which indicate the suits and numbers, on the card back; and the other is to print marks, which indicate the bar-codes, along the card edge. And we can also make the marks according to your reasonable requirement. So we have two types of Bee marked cards for sale: Bee back marked cards and Bee edge marked cards. If you want to use the Bee marked cards for poker cheat, don’t forget to bring along some other necessary cheating tools you can seek assistance from in the cheating process, like spy camera lens, cheating contact lenses or poker analyzers.

If you wan t to buy Bee playing cards or marked cards, welcome to contact us! We can provide them for you with reasonable price, good service and high quality!