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Wholesale Casino Gambling Cheating Tools

If you are searching for casino gambling cheating tools, but have no idea where to buy, welcome to visit our company’s websites where there are all kinds of cheating products for all forms of casino gambling, including poker games, Mahjong games, Dice games and Domino games.

For poker games, we can provide cunstomers with marked decks ( both back marked decks and barcode marked decks ), poker scanners, poker analyzers ( like CVK 500, AKK K4, K5 and A1 ), cheating poker shufflers, cheating poker shoes and so on.

For Majong games, we have two types of cheating Mahjong tiles for sale, one is those marked by invisible ink and the other is those fixed with tiny chips. The former needs to work with our perspective glasses ( contact lenses or sunglasses ) or our invisible marks monitoring system, and the latter needs to work with our special Mahjong table installed with a cheating program.

For dice games, three kinds of cheating dice are available from our company, and they are remote dice, induction dice and mercury dice. Besides, we can also process your own normal dice, no matter it’s transparent dice, bone dice or plastic dice, into cheating dice for you if you like.

For Domino games, you can approach us for invisible ink marked Domino tiles. We mark nomal Domino tiles with invisible ink on one, two or three sides. Since those marks are invisible to human naked eyes, you also need to seek assistance from our perspective glasses to see them while cheating in Domino games.

If you want to buy any of those casino gambling cheating products mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to contact us!