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Wholesale Genuine US Marked Cards for Poker Cheat

Our company wholesales four brands of US marked cards, and they are KEM marked cards, Bee marked cards, Bicycle marked cards as well as Aviator marked cards. Each of the four brands can be divided into many different kinds. No matter what kind of KEM, Bee, Bicycle or Aviator cards you need, we can always satisfy your demand.
We use laser ink, IR ink, UV ink or luminous ink to make poker invisible marks, which can be either printed on the card back or along the card edge. The patterns of these marks can be designed according to your requirements. With the latest technology we put into the mechanical processing, there is no chromatic aberration between our marked playing cards and the original playing cards. Besides, our marked cards are not sticky to one another, giving you the original hand feel.
Users can see the invisible IR, UV and luminous marks by wearing their corresponding IR, UV or luminous contact lenses and sunglasses. However, since there is no such a thing as laser contact lenses or laser sunglasses, the invisible laser ink can only be read by our laser camera.
If you want to buy genuine US marked cards, no matter it’s KEM, Bee, Bicycle or Aviator, welcome to contact us. We can assure you of the best quality of our cards and provide you with reasonable price as well as good service!